The Universal Language: Small-Talk.

It’s the moment when you look into that person’s eyes, smile, and realize in a precious instant that… you have absolutely NOTHING to say to them. PANIC! So you get out that age-old, universal, silly small-talk.

You talk about the weather. It’s SO hot/cold! ¡Qué calor/frío hace! What miserable weather! ¡Vaya día! What a glorious day! ¡Qué día más bueno! You continue by contemplating what the weather is going to do over the next few days, what it did last weekend… en fin, a nicely dull, and time-filling topic of conversation.

The traffic could be your next juicy topic. It’s a nightmare!! (As Michael McIntyre says – have you ever actually had a nightmare about traffic?!) ¡Qué horror! Well, if traffic jams are a ‘horror’, what will people do when a real tragedy happens?! Great small-talk tool though ;).

Using the same but more exaggerated intonation, you might moan about the price of petrol. It is of course, “ridiiiiculous!!!”

You could finish up by talking about holiday plans. Are you going away for Christmas? I don’t know you very well and I don’t care too much, but let’s kill that awkward silence! ¿Te vas de Puente? 

Can you think of any other classic conversation fillers?  All this talk of small-talk is making me yawn. 😛


4 comments on “The Universal Language: Small-Talk.

    • Hahahaha! I left sport, food and music out, as they can actually be interesting conversations! ‘Pollinic levels’ is a fantastic one though! 😀

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