7 Things you might do in Spain but not in UK

1)       Have lunch at 3pm and not be ‘active’ again until 5pm.

Lunch is to be enjoyed and savored in Spain. The afternoon starts later, while the sacred ‘hora de comer’ is for eating, talking and when necessary, siesta’ing.

2)      Give two besos (kisses) on the cheek to strangers.

In the UK it’s the good old handshake, a smile-nod-hello, or at most, a kiss on one cheek.

3)      Hear the word primo (cousin) used a lot.

In the UK we’re not generally as close to our cousins as to our siblings…

4)      Ask the age of someone when they tell you it’s their birthday…

Even if you don’t know them very well. In the UK that’s being impolite – in Spain it’s being direct and it’s totally normal.

5)      Have dinner out at 10.30pm or later.

Most UK kitchen staff are on their way to their after-work drink by that time.

6)      See toddlers out at midnight.

In some parts of Spain it gets so unbearably hot in the summer, that toddlers must sleep the siesta and be kept inside until late.

7)      Call your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents the suegros (in-laws).

In the UK we wait to get married before taking on extra parents…


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