Let’s open a Tapas Bar in London!

With top quality, authentic Spanish food. Not these frozen tapas you get in La Tasca (the Spanish MacDonald’s, according to my friend)…

British people do love a bit of Spain.“Oooh! I just love some Tapas!” cry the people who come to visit me.

I understand. The idea of ‘lots of different bits’ of food to share is very appealing and novel to us Brits.

Yet, some ideas the Spaniards have about British alimentation are funny. Talking about the Tapas Bar. My friends: “We’ll have to take Olive Oil with us, you can’t buy it in England”. Me: “Of course you can!!”

My friends: “Pero aceite de OLIVA?? Most British people cook with butter, and if not they use vegetable oil!!” At my university we all cooked with olive oil – a couple of quid from Tesco :).


Another classic: “And of course, we’ll serve cold beer! Nada de esa cerveza caliente!” Me: “We don’t drink warm beer, you’re getting confused with Germany. If our beer’s warm it’s because we drink pints, and once you get half-way through”…

I laughed and suggested that perhaps we should concentrate on the food.

That was when we realized… none of us are actually capable of producing “Top quality, authentic Spanish food”. No pasa nada. We’ll learn ;).


4 comments on “Let’s open a Tapas Bar in London!

  1. JAJAJA I KNOW LA TASCA I have worked there for 5 months:D. I am Spanish and there are a lot of Tapas not “tipical Spansh”, I remember POLLO AL AJILLO, JAJAJAJA With a white sauce.

    But When I lived there I found Olive OIL, BUT EXPENSIVE AND NO GOOD

  2. Claro, se preparar Gazpacho, Salmorejo, Tortilla de PAPAS, barbacoa, choricitos fritos, Pan con TOMATI, etc 😀 Quality food 😀

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