What is THAT?! Observing to reproduce…

I don’t mean reproduce in the sense of creating babies. I mean to reproduce sounds, thoughts and actions. I failed today when I pretended to be a cruise ship (to teach the word ‘cruise’) in class…My students could not contain their laughter. My simulation was closer to a drunken train. Obviously I have not observed cruise ships carefully enough. I have not come to empathize with them. After laughing a lot with my students I took away an important lesson. Observation and empathy are key for learning, communication and success. We need to empathize with the things and people that surround us. We never know when we may have to reproduce. We might not be able to know how a cruise ship thinks and feels, but we should aim for that with students, colleagues, friends, family…and all the members of those networks we find ourselves woven into…


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