Spanglish: I have 26 years…¿Cuál es mi objetivo?

When a birthday is approaching, we tend to review ourselves. I’m getting old! Am I mature enough for my age? Have I done everything I said I’d do this year? Am I on the right path? How am I going to change? What do I want to achieve? Blah, blah, blah blah…

Our identity suddenly seems to transform. Only, hombre, we have a whole year to get used to it! When I turn 27 I’ll actually be entering into my 28th year… I will ‘tener 27’ years done and dusted. You see, the Hispanics have years and the English speakers are years! The Hispanics separate their innate person and soul from all that they have and are (our old friends ser and estar); The English speakers bunch it all together…

So, ask me now if I’m happy and I would answer “Hmmm depends on your definition of happiness”. Ask me, “¿Estás contenta/feliz?” and I would say, “Sí!” Ask me, “¿Eres feliz?” and I’d reply, “Todavía no”: I have to consolidate myself and grow up a tad more before that.


4 comments on “Spanglish: I have 26 years…¿Cuál es mi objetivo?

  1. Thank you! :). ¿Qué tal tío? Hablando de cumplir años, mañana vamos a celebrar mi cumple por la tarde / noche. Mándame un msg al móvil / fbk si estás por Sevilla. Besos

  2. It’s the same in Polish – we also “have” years. I like to think of it as having the given amount of experience, even if it doesn’t really work this way 😉

  3. Definitely! The years are yours – whatever you may have done with them ;). I prefer “Tener años” to “To be” years. What is “to have” in Polish?

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